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Abdullah Hamed

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Hi Abdullah, it is great chatting with you today, what course are you studying?

I study Computing and Information Technology my favourite module so far was Server Systems, because it involved learning about the Cloud and how to host virtual machines and manage them efficiently and effectively. In the future, everything will go cloudless and I cannot wait for what the future holds when it progresses.

How many Graduate+ awards have you completed?

The Graduate+ awards I have completed currently, are Bronze and Silver.

That is great to hear, what is one thing you did not know about Graduate+?

I did not know that for your Silver Graduate+ award you could talk about your part-time jobs and certifications that you have obtained upon completing them. These are essential and valuables skills that you can implement in your career, that you are pursuing.

The task that was linked to my university experience was my work placement, as I can explain the valuable skills that I have developed. Furthermore, I have also used the STAR technique method to describe a task that I have undertaken, and what I have learned from it. Graduate+ is a great opportunity where students can get real world experience and valuable knowledge, that they can carry with them and implement in a graduate role.

Another task that I did not know I could talk about in my Graduate+ were a couple of certifications that I achieved for different courses - Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Information Security. Certifications are a great way of showing that you have the knowledge and skills to undertake a career that you are passionate about when securing a graduate role.

What was your favourite activity that you did as part of your award?

My favourite Graduate+ activity that I have participated in was working in part-time roles and doing certifications that would help me achieve a career in my field of interest, which is Cloud Computing.

The part-time job that I did in the summer holidays was in a phone repair shop, this allowed me to communicate with customers and use my problem-solving skills to pinpoint problems, execute and resolve them. This is a great example of some of the key skills which you can put on your CV, and what employers are looking for when recruiting candidates.

How has Graduate+ benefitted you as a BCU student?

Graduate+ is a great way to develop upon your experience, it shows that you can implement various skills as part of your degree. It can also prepare you for your career that you are wanting to achieve in the future.

When applying for graduate roles, employers can understand that you have the required skills that are valuable.

Graduate+ has really given me a platform where I can talk about skills that I have learned, so I can describe the experiences I have gone through, and to build a path that will help direct me to my future ambitions and goals.

I would recommend Graduate+ to anyone that is trying to find what they are wanting to do in the future when they graduate from university.