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My Experience as a Graduate+ Champion

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Hello everyone, my name is Abi and I am a post graduate student of project management at the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built environment. The Graduate+ award has been a rewarding experience which has made me focus on accomplishing my set career goals. The award is an effective programme which helped me document my extra-curricular activities and receive recognition for them as well. Being part of the Graduate+ team has helped me to be determined whilst also, achieving any set goals. During one of the universitys educational events, I was informed about the Graduate+ programme, and its award scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold). As an inquisitive person, I inquired about Graduate+ and how I could get involved. After applying to join the Graduate+ team, I started completing the bronze award.

One of the activities in the bronze award involves accessing your resume with CV360. This is essential for all students who are candidates, because it helps their resume to be graded. The activity also identifies the missing key information which would help an individual get past the first stage of a job interview. Other bronze activities could include things such as being a volunteer or learning basic language skills for your career. Once I completed the award, I received very helpful feedback on the activities that I chose.

All levels of the activities of Graduate+ are vital for every student because it ensures they reflect on their career growth, employability and personal development skills. These skills prepare students with the basic transferrable skills and knowledge necessary to build a foundation. This foundation can then be used whilst in the university and in future employment. My experience was beneficial and I encourage all Graduate+ champions to complete the awards as well.

Being a Graduate+ champion volunteer has involved guiding students on completing their awards and getting their badges. Helping others is one of my passions and I am glad I got involved.

Abidemi Bade-Adebowale – MSc. Project Management Student.