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My Journey with the Graduate+ Award - Chiragkumar Prajapati

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Hello! My Name is Chiragkumar Prajapati and I am very delightful to announce that I received a Bronze award from Graduate Plus for participating in extra curriculum activities.

My opportunity to strengthen my transferable skills through Graduate Plus has been fantastic. You may learn more about different extracurricular activities at BCU and receive credit for them all in one place. You can schedule a meeting with a Graduate Plus Officer with only one click. I was able to win an award because of the helpful guidance and cooperation. Graduate Plus Week gave me much more insight into how Graduate Plus supports students in all facets of settling into the nation and universities. I would strongly advise all students to schedule and attend a tutorial at least once.

I met many other students and staff members through participation in this programme. Before you start a professional career, the activities are not just for improving your academic performance but also for your general well-being.

A global perspective, mentorship, leadership, and volunteering are all excellent ways to get practical experience. I also shared my certificate on social media to support Graduate Plus and to boost my profile.

So I am feeling very proud as a student of Birmingham City University and thankful to Graduate Plus for the entire support.

Thanks and Regards,

Chiragkumar Prajapati