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My Graduate+ and BCU Experience

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Graduate plus has been a great opportunity to develop my transferable skills. It is one stop where you can get information about and credit for other extracurricular activities at BCU. Booking an appointment with a Graduate plus officer is a click away. The friendly advice and cooperation help me to bag 3 awards. Graduate plus week further helped me in understanding about Graduate plus contribution to the student in every aspect of settlement in the country and University. I would highly recommend that all students book at least once tutorial or visit them on campus.

Each award beginning from Bronze adds to your awareness about the next high-level activity and encourages you to participate at a more intense level. Interacting with this activity helped me get to know many other students and faculty. The activities are not limited to your Academic development but overall improvement before you enter your professional career.

There are plenty of opportunities in getting real time experience in volunteering, mentoring, leadership, and giving yourself a global outlook.

Earnings my badges and putting them on my student id card lanyard was a proud moment for me and sharing my Certificate on social media promotes Graduate plus and added a credit to my profile.

I am now on the path of getting the Platinum award and this will be a lifelong memory for me as a proud student at Birmingham City University. Thanks, Graduate plus, for everything.

Gaurang Rajyaguru, Msc Cyber Security student