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My experience with Graduate+ by Avin Slojak

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In our latest blog final year Psychology with Sociology student, Avin Slojak, speaks about Graduate+ and how it has benefitted her as a BCU student. 

What course are you studying?

I am currently in my final year studying Psychology with Sociology, and I really enjoy my course.

How many Graduate+ awards have you completed?

The Graduate+ awards I have completed are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I am currently completing my Platinum award.

What is one thing you did not know about Graduate+?

I did not know that I could discuss my dissertation project until I started completing my Gold award. I used the STAR technique again to discuss how I used digital literacy skills to help me with advertising my project, recruiting participants and inputting data. I believe digital skills are valuable, as we live in a world where we use digital devices to communicate and manage information.

I also did not know that I could discuss my placement year. I completed a placement within the NHS as an Assistant Psychologist, which I believe has enhanced my professional and personal skills. I used the STAR technique to discuss how my communication skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, helped a mute service user become more communicative during her stay on the ward, and how that led to her successful discharge, where she received further psychological support in the community. Communication skills are essential in any career that you are pursuing and I believe Graduate+ offers you a space to reflect on your experiences and use these skills to implement in a graduate role.

What was your favourite activity that you did as part of your award?

My favourite Graduate+ activity would have to be my placement year. I really enjoyed my clinical placement, as I believe it gave me a taste of what it would be like to have a career in Psychology, specifically Clinical Psychology. I noticed that one of the main skills Clinical Psychologists look for is the ability to reflect on one’s experiences and I believe Graduate+ has helped me to develop my reflection skills, to assist me in future job applications, as it is what recruiters look for in a candidate. I also had the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life, whether it was staff members or service users, and I do not think I would have had this experience anywhere else. I truly value my placement year, as I think it fuelled my passion and interest in Psychology.

How has Graduate+ benefitted you as a BCU student?

As I mentioned earlier, Graduate+ offers a great space to help you reflect upon your experiences, so that you can implement the skills you gained during your academic journey, to prepare for your future career. It also helps you think about what career you want and what steps you can take to get into that career. I believe I am now more confident when applying for graduate roles, as I can showcase my valuable skills to employers, which will make me stand out from other candidates. I would recommend every BCU student to complete the Graduate+ awards, as it will help you reflect on the various skills you have gained and will.

What are you hoping to do after your degree?

I am currently actively looking for graduate roles within the mental health sector. I have a passion for Clinical and Health Psychology, and I would love to have a graduate role, such as an Assistant Psychologist role or Mental Health Worker.