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Digital Literacy Made Easy with Jisc!

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Introducing Jisc

Today we have got a NEW resource to reveal…

Introducing Jisc, this is an online digital literacy tool that you now have free access to through your Graduate+ award, and the best bit is that you can submit this as a bronze activity through your award.

What is it?

The discovery tool takes between 15-20 minutes to complete, it’s similar to our profile. When working through the profile you’ll answer a selection of questions relating to different areas of digital literacy that include just some of the following:

  • Digital proficiency
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Problem solving
  • Data literacy
  • Digital communication 
  • Digital teaching 

Upon completing the profile you’ll receive a downloadable PDF document that details how you scored against each of the key areas, for example, if you’re a pro at digital wellbeing you’ll be given the score of proficient, if you’re just beginning your evolution in an area you’ll be given the score of developing.


Once you’ve completed the profile and received your report you then have the chance to work on developing further by having access to digital resources, such as short courses, videos and more – this is an opportunity not to be missed.

No matter your degree specialism everyone needs to have a deeper knowledge of digital literacy for the world we now exist within, this will benefit your university studies and future career.

Get going! 

Now you’ve heard about just SOME of the benefits to getting started with Jisc it’s now time for you to fill out your profile. Check out the website & sign up with your BCU login info here -

To then submit this as a bronze activity check out the link here -