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Discover Jewellery Quarter!

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Today we have got another look at one of Birmingham’s most unique areas, we have previously covered the creative quarter of Digbeth, and today, we are going to go over the top spots you’ll find within the Jewellery Quarter!

If you’re wondering if the name matches the place, you’d be right! When you arrive in the main quarter you’ll find row upon row of independent jewellery shops & designers, it’s a popular spot for wedding ring shopping, or perhaps you want something a little more unique that you wouldn’t find at a typical city centre store. However, there is a lot more than just jewellery to be found here, these are our top recommendations for you to explore when you next visit…

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

If museums are your thing we have a treat in store for you! The museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a great step back in time if you’re interested in the history of designers & jewellery makers. You have the option to take a guided tour of the factory at different points throughout the day, along with being able to watch live demonstrations and view the galleries.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum and all others in Birmingham, are still currently closed. However, you can find out reopening information via the website for your future visit here.

The Button Factory

If you’re looking for a chilled place to meet friends on the weekend we highly recommend The Button Factory, situated right within the centre of the Jewellery Quarter.

It was originally a Victorian factory which has since been renovated to house this contemporary venue that serves everything from morning coffee to dinner.

Find out more via the website here.

The Chamberlain Clock 

If clocks are your thing the Jewellery Quarter is well known for its Chamberlain clock, it was erected to mark Joseph Chamberlain’s tour of South Africa, at the end of the Second Boer War.

It used to be powered by hand back in the day, but is now electric powered. It’s a great photo opportunity so take your camera and head on down, who knows what other interesting sites nearby you might stumble upon.

A&A Jewellery Birmingham

If you’re looking to splash some cash & would like to purchase an item of jewellery, one of the best recommendations we could find is the A&A Jewellery boutique located on Northampton Street. The shop is well known for its bespoke creations, so if you’d like your own unique piece of jewellery, this is the perfect place for you!

Or it’s also a great option to go and do some window shopping too. Find out more via the website here.

Key Hill Cemetery Birmingham

If a walk in nature is more your thing we have something just for you! Key Hill cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter is a popular spot for walkers & joggers, it’s a Grade || registered historic garden and one of the oldest and most well known in the city.

It’s also known as the resting place for many famous Birmingham residents, including inventors and entrepreneurs.

Restaurant Folium Birmingham

Last but by no means least we have something for the foodies amongst you! Restaurant Folium is a great spot for British fine dining in the heart of the city. The most unique thing here is that a set menu doesn’t really exist, many of the dishes change daily depending on produce available and what is in season.

You can find out more information here.

Where are YOU going?

That’s just a small taste of what the Jewellery Quarter has to offer… we told you it was much more than just jewellery shops! We hope this has inspired you to venture into a new part of the city on your next visit.