How to make the most out of a Careers+ Fair!

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How to make the most out of a Career+ Fair!

If you have ever been to a Careers+ fair you would know that it is a gathering of different employers from any specific faculty. This may be from Faculty of Business and Social Sciences or Faculty of Art, Design or Media. No matter what faculty you belong to, there is a Careers+ Fair for you!

What is a Careers+ Fair and how will it benefit you?

It gives you a chance to network with different employers and gain a better insight into what they are looking for in their employees. It can be difficult to find employment, however if you begin by looking in the right places you may find what you are looking for!

An accessible layout makes it easy to navigate around and gives you the chance to meet a variety of different employers.

The Careers+ team offer several direct job and work experience opportunities, where you simply have to email your CV and cover letter for the job.

Volunteering or looking for a summer placement, there is something for everyone! So many employers to choose from as they all offer different work placements and opportunities.

The Careers+ team also offer CV Clinics where students can get tip and tricks into CV and cover letter writing and what makes a good CV and what makes a bad CV.

Experience of Careers+ Fair

After attending the ADM Career+ Fair, I was able to communicate with companies such as Beat Freaks who are a creative company that offer various opportunities in their company for young creators. I was able to easily get information about the company as well as any contact details about them.

Networking is very important! Learn how to socialise with employers and make sure you’re asking the right questions.

Finding information at the Careers+ fairs is very easy. There are many leaflets that you can take about the different companies. There are many people offering contact details. Take their details rather than give yours!

It is important that you’re precise and clear in communicating your goals and aims to employers! This will make networking much easier!