Level up! - Journey to level 5

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What is Curriculo Solutions?

Curriculo solutions is a programme that enables you as a student to ‘stand out’ from the crowd in the graduate employment market. This is done by a series of 5 levels which you must complete in a given timescale. In doing this you will be developing your key, vocational skills, these are highly favoured by the employers. In all, this makes the individual more desirable to employers as they can effectively vocalise what they believe they will add to the employer’s team.

As a part of the graduate+ award, Curriculo solutions is not mandatory but it is an amazing opportunity, one that you should choose to be a part of if you wish to positively impact your future prospects and opportunities. By joining the Curriculo programme you will be joining a whole cohort of students in the same boat, ready to take their next steps towards their future. Once employers know that you have the academic ability to perform in the selected career field, they now want to get to know you and what you can bring to the table (or company) as an employee.

Completing level 4

Level 4 - ‘Selling yourself at an interview ’ -This level has been very direct and probing, the first subsection told us exactly what employers are looking for in a candidate at an interview in 9 simple points, these included: Motivation and drive, Intelligence, Experience and personality. The level then described the ideal hiring process from your CV to the interview, if you are successful then they will review your qualifications and contact your references and if everything works out then you should get the job!

This level then went on to look at the different types of interviews that employers use, there are 5 common types:

  1. Telephone
  2. Face to face - 1:1
  3. Assessment centres
  4. Scenario / case study
  5. Competency/capability- these are composed of questions such as “tell me a time where you…”, “Give a situation when you...” therefore these are the types of interviews where you should fully utilise the STAR technique.

S- Situation Set that scene! Who was involved? When and where did it occur? T- Task Explain what was asked/expected of you. What role did you play? A- Action What you did to positively achieve the result. R- Result Explain what the outcome was as a result of your actions. How successful was it based on your actions?

The benefits of using the STAR technique: you will be able to provide well-structured answers to interview questions and avoid dishing out unnecessary information.

What did I learn from this?

In all, the best way to prepare for an interview is to read, learn, prepare and practise, practice, practise!

Read- To stand out you have to dive in! You need to know your stuff, this is easily done by researching the organisation and the context in which it operates. Read, analyse and re-read the job advert and description for the role you are applying for.

Learn- Ensure that you are aware of the competencies, challenges and competition that the organisation may face.

Prepare- Prepare responses to potential questions, Glassdoor is a great resource for this, as they allow people to share their personal experiences of an interview at the company as well as their experiences at the company, find out more at: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/index.htm?countryRedirect=true

Practise- Practise really does make perfect! Practise with someone you trust as well as someone who will be honest with you about your response, the more you practise using the STAR technique the more structured your responses will become.

Next steps

Now that I have successfully completed level 4, I am able to progress to Level 5, titled - ‘Researching and developing your career plan’ I am very excited to begin this level as it provides a template for me to carefully organised my thoughts and ambitions for the future.

Quote of the week: “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent” ~ Author unknown.