Going Green for 2019

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Going green for 2019

‘Going green’. A concept that humans have been trying to master in recent years to reverse all of the wrongdoing to the environment, however, they are often unsuccessful. This is because it is very difficult to adopt such a lifestyle in a rapidly developing economy. It may be easier if people tried to adopt an eco friendly lifestyle rather than jumping right into a sustainable one. The difference is that the eco-lifestyle is the path to achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

Ways to stay green as a student.

Reducing the use of plastic: Plastic is one material that will never degrade and so builds up ultimately, choking the land and bodies of water and posing a threat to the animal kingdom, all indirectly affecting us again. To overcome this humans should aim to reuse plastic bottles and plastic bags or find biodegradable alternatives.

Using less power: This step is simple but not exactly easy for students. We should aim to reduce screen time on phones and laptops, maybe by taking regular breaks from social media/work. We can also use less power by simply turning off lights that you are no longer using.

Transport: As students the most common form of transport to uni is already eco-friendly for example Walking, Biking or public transport, however some people still use cars to get to and from their destinations. This increases their carbon footprint substantially.

Go vegan! (or just reduce meat consumption: Livestock farming for human satisfaction alone releases 9% of CO2 into the atmosphere. However, these practices release even more harmful Greenhouse gases such as Nitrous Oxide (65% contribution). Nitrous oxide has 296x larger global warming potential than CO2.

Reasons to go green this year.

Save money: You will spend less money on non-eco friendly brands, this will benefit the local economy through a positive multiplier effect as you will invest into local shops more who will then provide more for the locals and the cycle continues.

Self-sufficiency: We will no longer have to rely as much on big TNC’s who harm the environment frequently via outsourcing. Instead, we will be more likely to provide for ourselves or from locally sourced materials.

Preserves environments: Since the beginning of time the environment has looked after us, yet, we never seem to do much to aid the environment. This often results in climate change, leading to further implications for humans and other ecosystems.

 Quote of the week: â€œGoing green doesn’t start with doing ‘green’ acts, going green starts with a shift in consciousness”.

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